BBFC 4-4 Beckley Rangers
“We nearly pulled the rabbit out the hat, only for it go back in again”
Our comeback from 3-1 down after 46 minutes was remarkable. The desire, fight & passing football we played for 22 minutes in the second half when we scored 3 goals to go 4-3 up was fantastic. Up until then the young, hungry & energetic Rovers side overshadowed our below par performance. Their front man & number 10 gave us constant problems with their movement, pace & finishing. Refereeing decisions did not help – their No 10 should have received a red card for a terrible foul on Will Foster early in the game. Nor did four injuries to players. But Rangers showed how much we need to improve our fitness, especially when physical & mental tiredness causes us to concede goals in the last minutes of games. That’s three this season already costing us at least 3 points. Match summary….
26 mins: Calum Parker replaced injured Leon Crouch.
30 mins: 0-1 – long ball. Our last defender was up against their front man who beat our man for pace to slot home.
35 mins: pearl of an equaliser from Adam Robison. Top left hand corner of box to top right hand corner of goal.
44 mins: 1-2. Ref failed to see hand ball by Rangers No 10 in our box. He fired home.
45 mins: John-Paul Ralph replaces injured Adam Thompsett.
We changed from 4-4-2 to 4-2-3-1.
46 mins: 1-3. Rangers No 10 sprang offside trap with great skill to beat our defenders for pace & score.
63 mins: 2-3. Lee Costen close range finish from Jamie Crouch assist.
65 mins: Matt Ward replaces weary Liam Chantler.
75 mins: 3-3. Jamie Crouch penalty after he was fouled in box. His seventh of the season.
Calum Parker’s injury led to a swap of positions with Matt Ward. Ray Pennels suffered head & shoulder injuries after being clattered by the Rangers front ma (without caution).
85 mins: 4-3. Ant Hickman header, assisted by John Paul Ralph
87 mins: 4-4. We failed to deal with a free kick put into the centre of the box. Their man reacted first.